fund-raising for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

Conditions of Use


Riders must agree and understand that the rider and the passenger are aware of the follow points
  1. All riders ride at their own risk. All riders must ride with a safe practice.
  2. No rider to leave before 7.00am in the morning and all riders to be in to the evening lodgings before 4.00pm.
  3. All riders must understand the dangers and risks involved in riding a motorcycle, and in riding a motorcycle in a group. Please leave enough room between bikes.
  4. These dangers and risks include damage, injury, serious injury and/or death. Knowing and appreciating fully these dangers and risks, the rider/and passenger hereby waive, release and forever discharge, the proceed recipient, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, members of the organizing committee, sponsors, supporters, volunteers and all other associates with the event, of and from all manner of actions, causes of action, suits, debts, claims and demands whatsoever arising from or in connection with Rumble Rider Events.
  5. All riders must hold a valid/current motorcycle riders licence in a State or Territory of Australia or a recognised current International riders licence lawfully recognised in Australia.
  6. All riders must have their motorcycle fully registered and hold a current Compulsory Third Party Personal Injury Insurance in a State or Territory of Australia have Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance and Third Party Liability Insurance.
  7. Recommend packed weight on a bike is maximum of 9 Kg.
  8. Registrations fee does not include accommodation or meals. All accommodation must be booked and pre-paid directly to each campsite, Caravan Park, motel etc.

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